Fundamentals of Sales Management, Sales and Marketing, Sales Training, Executive Training Dubai, Job Training Dubai, Training Dubai

Managing for Sales Results, Sales and Marketing, Sales Training, Executive Training Dubai, Job Training Dubai, Training Dubai
Dubai Jun 19 2011 - Jun 23 2011 Meirc Dubai

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Analyze the various principles underlying the sales management functions.
  • Practice human relations skills pertaining to management of sales teams.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior as sales managers/supervisors with their teams.
  • Apply sales competency models in interviewing, training and evaluating sales professionals.
  • Manage the buyer/seller relationship and make an impact on sales productivity
  • Effectively convert this sales management training into sales results.
This Program is designed for:
Sales managers, sales supervisors and team leaders involved in leading a sales team. This program is worth 25 NASBA CPEs.
Program Outline:
The Nature and Scope of Sales Management
  • A Model of Sales Management Competencies
  • Traits of Excellent Sales Managers
  • Market Place Changes and Selling Consequences
  • Sales Manager Training
  • Network Marketing for Sales Results
Sales Management Functions
  • The Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling Functions
  • Sales Forecasts: Asking the Right Questions when Forecasting
  • Quota Management
  • Setting Quotas for Your Sales Team
  • Ways to Ruin a Sales Force
Sales Management Skills
  • Coaching and Counseling for Sales Success
  • Motivating the Sales Team to Peak Performance
  • Evaluating Your Sales Reps After Sales Calls
  • Emotional Intelligence in Selling

Training Your Sales Team
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Sales Competency Models: Sales Competency-Based Training
  • Account Management
  • Guerilla Sales and Marketing
Time Allocations for Sales Managers
  • How Sales People Spend Their Time
  • Wrong Sale Practices
  • Strategic Selling
  • Business Development and Sales and Marketing Management
Interpersonal Skills
  • How to Build a Winning Sales Team
  • Team-Player Survey
  • How to Be a Top-Producing Sales Manager
  • Business Management Training for Better Results
  • Improve Sales with NLP
  • IT Sales Training
  • Change Your Thoughts and Change Sales Results
  • Principles of Sales Greatness

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