Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

TRIZ process for creative problem solving
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Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
Training Course By Meirc in Dubai
Program Objectives:
  • Build and expand their decision-making, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.
  • Apply logical and creative approaches to solving problems and making decisions.
  • Use traditional and creative tools for identifying causes and generating solutions.
  • Utilize creativity and lateral thinking as business tools.
  • Analyze and solve actual problems facing them at work.
  • Gain confidence in asking the right questions and overcoming the stress of making complex decisions.
  • Demonstrate and build credibility with upper management
  • Develop strategic approaches to problem-solving and decision-making.
This program is designed for:
Managers, supervisors and administrators who will benefit from better problem-solving and decision-making skills.gram Outline
Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Definitions and Tools: An Overview
  • The Link between Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • The Principle of Organizing our Thinking about Problems
  • Identifying our Own Mind Traps
  • Brain Analysis and Ways of Learning
The Rational Approach to Problem-Solving (Kepner-Tregoe)
  • Techniques of Recognizing Problems
  • Difference between Causes and Symptoms
  • The Helicopter Approach
  • Problem Analysis
  • Decision Analysis
  • Potential Problem Analysis
  • Case Study and Debrief
Problem Analysis Supplementary Tools
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • The Importance of the Why Question
  • Ishikawa Fishbone Concept
  • Assumptions in the Workplace
  • Case Study and Debrief
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Decision-Making Supplementary Tools
  • Being Decisive and Principles of Decision-Making
  • The How-How Method
  • Decision Analysis Weighted Worksheet
  • Consensus Decision-Making
  • Case Study and Debrief
Creativity and Problem-Solving
  • Assessment of Creativity and Ways to Think Creatively
  • Lateral Thinking Tips
  • Creativity and Its Use as a Business Tool
  • Barriers to Creativity and Ways to Overcome Them
  • The Hemispheres of the Brain
  • Brainstorming Tips and Tools
  • Six Thinking Hats
Applications of Techniques
  • People Problems and Solutions
  • Analysis and Solution of Real Cases Presented by Participants
  • Individualized Learning Action Plan
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