Meirc Leadership and Communication Training

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Leadership and Communication
Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Discover breakthrough leadership and communication techniques for driving business value and becoming more powerful leaders.
  • Master best practices for influencing peers, managers, subordinates, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Become more effective at handling specific challenges, from delivering unpopular news to increasing team motivation.
  • Communicate confidently in any environment, from spontaneous "elevator pitches" to high- stakes reports and proposals.
  • Make the most of today’s electronic communication tools.
  • Deliver powerful messages that win hearts and minds and lead rapidly to action.
This program is designed for:
Leaders interested in developing superior leadership and communication skills to achieve greater success at all levels of their organization.

Preparing and Organizing Thoughts and Messages
Earning Credibility as a Leader
  • Identifying the Characteristics of a Credible Leader
  • Demonstrating Caring, Character and Competence in Challenging Situations
  • Establishing your Credibility Firmly
  • Persuading, Negotiating and Influencing Skills
Winning Hearts and Minds of People
  • Creating a Logical Train of Thought to Persuade
  • Creating a Persuasive Message that Evokes the Right Emotions
  • Reframing a Message from Negative to Positive
  • Adjusting Your Message to Accommodate the Audience’s Needs, Wants and Style
Building Consensus, Commitment and Cooperation
  • Crafting Messages to Champion Change
  • Identifying Techniques for Building Consensus in Anticipation of Resistance
  • Describing How to Secure Commitment and Cooperation through Change Initiatives
Getting Results in the Face of Resistance
  • Managing and Handling Resistance
  • Effective Conflict Resolution Styles for Handling Resistance
  • Mediating a Hostile Dispute
  • Anger Management Techniques
Trends and Strategies for the Effective Leader and Communicator
  • The Social Media Revolution and its Effective Reach
  • From Social Media to Social CRM
  • The Integration of Social Networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in the Schedule and Lives of Leaders
  • Effective Communication and Networking on the Web
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