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Sales Territory and Time Management-Marketing and Sales - Meirc Training And Consulting
Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Analyze the process of sales planning and territory management.
  • Manage selling day and spend more time with customers.
  • Practice effective ways of setting goals, developing sales activities and managing time.
  • Increase selling time by minimizing distractions and unproductive activities.
  • Maintain contact with key prospects and accounts.
  • Use relevant tools for route structuring and territory management.
  • Make more productive use of travel time.
  • Apply effective territory management and strategic selling methods.
  • Develop strategies that help them value accounts, target prime prospects, penetrate accounts and maximize coverage.
  • Revise sales strategies and provide proper sales training for sales force.
  • Create a balance between personal and professional goals.
  • Successfully choose, target and manage a territory, maximizing growth and profit.
  • Leverage PC and internet technology by learning how to select and use the latest contact management, database and CRM software.
This program is designed for:
Sales representatives, account executives, sales managers and all professionals with customer or sales territory management responsibilities.

Sales Planning Process
  • Setting SMART Objectives
  • Developing a Sales Plan to Achieve Objectives
  • Scheduling of Activities
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Sales Activities
  • Time Management Techniques for Sales Professionals
  • Sales People Time Analysis
  • Managing Your Time for Better Sales Results
  • Follow-Up and Paper Work
  • Dealing with Time Wasters such as Ineffective Meetings and Poor Communication
  • Techniques for Overcoming Delays and Distractions
  • Setting Monthly and Daily Priorities
  • Daily Sales Planner and Salesman Journey Plan
  • Generating New Accounts
  • Managing Existing Accounts
  • Computing the Cost per Call and Number of Calls Needed to Close a Sale
  • ABC Account Classification and the Portfolio Model
  • Designing Sales Territories Using Build-Up and Breakdown Method
  • Route Structuring and Management
  • Different Patterns for More Effective Coverage of Territory
  • Generalist and Specialist Sales Forces
  • Dividing the Sales Force
  • Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Electronic Communication
  • Customer Relationship Management Strategy and Systems
  • Making Use of an Effective Web Strategy to Enhance Coverage of Accounts
  • Controlling Stress and Creating Balance

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