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Interpersonal aspects of body language, a pers...
Interpersonal aspects of body language, a person and the other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Certified Master Negotiator-Interpersonal Skills and Self Development - Meirc Training And Consulting
Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Prepare and manage effective negotiations.
  • Employ the concessions management process with minimum loss while preserving good relationships with the counter party.
  • Assess their own negotiating strengths and weaknesses and those of the other side.
  • Use a range of negotiating tactics and master the rule of halves.
  • Achieve long-lasting and mutually profitable agreements on a timely-basis.
  • Prepare and manage team negotiation.
Who should attend:
Marketing and sales professionals, corporate executives, advertising managers, business development managers, sales personnel, and others who are involved in commercial and negotiation activities at all levels of the organization.

What Negotiation Is Really All About
  • The Many Faces of a Negotiation
  • Some Negotiation Philosophies
  • Historical Retrospectives on Negotiation
  • The Reasons Behind the Urge for Being a Good Negotiator as a Business Entrepreneur
  • Persuasion versus Negotiation
  • The Stages of Persuasion
  • Establishing Good Rapport with the Other Party
  • Understanding Your Own Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Characteristics of a Good Negotiator 
  • The Five Stages of the Negotiation Process
  • Barriers to Effective Negotiation 
  • The PROBE Negotiation Technique
  • How to Develop Negotiation Skills 
  • Getting Ready to Negotiate (BATNA, MLATNA, WATNA)
  • Identifying Your Conflict Negotiation Style 
  • Selling versus Negotiating 
  • The Buyer’s Decision Process
  • The SPIN Questioning Strategy (Uncovering Needs)
  • Influencing the Customer’s Choice
  • Understanding How People Make Choices 
  • Influencing Decision Criteria
  • The Concept of “Hard” and “Soft” Differentiators 
  • Addressing and Overcoming the Customer’s Final Fears
  • Different Levels of Negotiation Rules
  • The Importance of Preparing “The Envelope of Negotiation”
  • How to Prepare “The Envelope of Negotiation”
  • Mastering the “Rule of Halves” during the Negotiation Process
  • Setting a Concession-Making Timeline
  • Defining and Sorting Negotiable Issues and Creating Alternatives
  • Developing Contingencies
  • Measuring Your Negotiation Relative Outcomes Using a Grade Point Average
  • The Most Common Negotiating Mistakes
  • Team Leadership
  • Choosing Your Negotiating Team
  • Advanced Negotiation Tactics

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