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Leading with Agility and Resilience-Leadership and Management - Meirc Training And Consulting

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the importance of leading agile organizations.
  • Anticipate and adapt to change with agility and resilience.
  • Lead and develop rapid response mechanisms to environmental changes.
  • Establish compelling agile communication strategies to lead and drive change.
  • Identify strategies to build and enhance agility and resilience in themselves and others.
  • Identify how the brain develops resilience.
  • Assess their own leadership capability for resilient performance.
Who should attend:
Executives, directors, senior managers, division managers, team leaders and professionals who want to be updated with the latest trends in management and leadership.
 Definitions of Agility and Resilience
  • Key Aspects of Agility
  • Understanding the Importance of Agility to Achieve Success
  • The Agile Leader Role in Turbulent Times
  • The Difference between Agility and Change Management
  • Reflecting and Clarifying our Strengths and Growth Areas
  • The Leader’s Role in Improving Organization and People’s Adaptive Capabilities
  • The Implications of Agility for Leadership
  • The Importance of Anticipating Change
  • Indicators to Measure and Anticipate the Forces of Change
  • Trusting and Engaging in Constructive Conflict
  • The Importance of Employee Engagement
  • The Key Drivers in the Service Profit Chain
  • The Necessity for Leaders to be Confident and Resilient
  • Bringing Focus and Priorities to Action
  • Empowering Teams to be Action-Oriented
  • Creating an Agile Climate that Inspires Innovation
  • Agility and Innovation through Participation and Better Idea Generation
  • Scorecards for Improving Agility 
  • Ability to Create, Engage and Nurture Social Change
  • Social Media, Whistle Blowing and Breaking the Brand Bullying
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Its Importance for Leaders
  • Developing the Resilience to Thrive in Change
  • How the Brain Develops Resilience
  • Harnessing the Brain’s Neuroplasticity to Recover Resilience
  • Using Mindfulness to Foster Self Awareness
  • How Neuroscience is Revolutionizing our Thinking About Feelings
  • How Positive Emotions Build Resilience
  • Assessing your Capabilities for Resilient Performance
  • Signs of Resilience Mastery
  • Developing Resilient Managers
  • Developing a More Resilient Organization
  • Challenges of Resilience for Executives
  • Leadership Growth Plan and Resilience Mastery

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