Persuasion and Influence Using Emotional Intelligence-Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

Persuasion and Influence Using Emotional Intelligence-Interpersonal Skills and Self Development
Why Attend
In this course we explore the ways and means to influence others and persuade them to change their attitude and behavior to reach the win-win situation that results in sustainable long-term gains. We all heard the saying: “everybody sells something”. Therefore, this ability to influence and persuade is useful to everyone. However, it is particularly prized by leaders, sales professionals and managers in all kinds of organizations. We will cover academic and scientific research on the subject of influence. We will also use hands-on models, technics and tools to use in order to gain more control over our personal or business relationships and drive our life in the direction we want. By using the technics described in this course you will end up making more friends, attracting more customers and increasing your sales.
Course Methodology
The course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as brief presentations by the consultant and the participants, role plays (rehearsed and impromptu), playback of videotaped performances and individual and group feedback
Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Distinguish between influencing and persuading and use this knowledge to improve interpersonal relationships
  • Identify the essential elements that contribute to the ability to influence and persuade and apply them to maximize results
  • Exercise influence and persuasion skills in a variety of situations including the delivery of high quality presentations
  • Influence and persuade during vertical and horizontal interactions across the organization
  • Enhance the ability to apply persuasion and influencing skills with social and emotional intelligence
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25 Sep - 29 Sep 2016
Dubai, English
Al Bustan Rotana 
Target Audience
All those keen on improving their influencing and persuasive skills. This course is also essential for those who have to persuade and influence the decision of others by building powerful trusting relationships
Target Competencies
  • Attention to details and attitude toward others
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Developing others and emotional control
  • Empathetic outlook and evaluating what is said
  • Internal self control
  • Leading others and objective listening
  • Persuading others and proactive thinking
  • Problem management and problem solving
  • Sensitivity to others and understanding attitude
  • Understanding social and motivational needs

Course Outline
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Professional skills of influence and persuasion
  • Definition of influence and persuasion
  • Understanding different business advantages of influence and persuasion
  • Differences between circle of influence and circle of concern
  • Jujitsu and the weapons of influence
  • Creating a climate of trust and facilitating relationships
  • Importance of trust within organizations
Influential behaviors and models
  • Dos and don’ts of influencing and persuasion
  • Models of influence and persuasion
  • Business applications of influence and persuasion
  • Importance of reciprocation, commitment and consistency
  • Enhancing self determination
  • Developing competence and confidence
  • Leadership is influence
  • How to make people love what they hate
  • Influence based approaches to leadership
Styles of influence and persuasion
  • Understanding our own style of influence
  • Essential skills for controlling and flexing styles of influence
  • The different techniques of influence and persuasion
  • The appropriate use of techniques for different business situations
  • The importance of social proof, liking, authority and scarcity
  • Making friends to influence people
  • The dangers and rewards of giving more than you get
  • Helping people do what they can’t
  • Creating an attitude for peace and happiness
Influencing across the organization
  • How persuading and influencing styles support organizational synergies
  • Using positive influence methods to earn long term commitment from others
  • Using influencing and persuading tools to get the most out of any situation
  • Planning and presenting persuasive ideas and strategies
  • How givers, takers and matchers build networks
  • How to be modest and influence people
  • Making friends to influence people
  • The common mistakes that cause messages to self destruct
  • Words that will strengthen your persuasion attempts
  • Writing and delivering your persuasive speech
Enhancing persuasion and influencing skills with social and emotional intelligence
  • Becoming a more resonant leader with emotional intelligence
  • The golden rule of habit change and the neurology of free will
  • The power and importance of self control
  • Empathy and social sensitivity
  • How leaders direct attention with emotional intelligence
  • Enhancing relationships with social intelligence
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